There are two ways to access your gallery. One is from from the personal link provided to you by email with a personal password. The other way is directly with your "access code" also provided in the email with your link. You can also find the "access code" yourself by using your own names.

Example: http://michavandiverphotography.zenfolio.com/galleries < the names or word after the .com/


http//:michavandiverphotography.zenfolio.com./sarahandbrian < input sarahandbrian as the access code below

Alternately you can click on the link provided to you in your email sent by MVP Studios or input "galleries" in the access code BELOW and it will show you a list of clients galleries. You will then need to provide your password.

If you would like to save your "favorite images" and "shopping cart" or "share a link" to your gallery you will need to register and LOGIN at the bottom of this page.